Personalized Group & Individual Training

A group class that mixes body weight exercises with interval training using light to medium weights.  Smokey Hollow is here to reach your ultimate fitness goals.  BodyShox and the daily CrossFit WOD's compliment eachother in a way to keep your body SHOCKED so you are less likely to hit a plateau! BodyShox will help you improve your overall level of fitness, increase athletic performance with plyometrics, improve core strength, increase speed, and boost your metabolism for that long afterburn effect.

About our BodyShox Instructor:

Kristin brings her compassionate heart, adventurous mind, and athletic soul to Smokey Hollow. She just moved from Chicago and was spending her time jamming out, training, and sweating in her home gym (aka: garage) , then realized that she missed the community atmosphere and found Smokey Hollow Crossfit.


Kristin is a natural-born athlete, motivator, and party-starter with her energy.  Sweating is her favorite thing to do and empowering others is her passion.  As a former college athlete, she developed the knowledge of core strength building and weight training for flexibility, speed, and endurance.  She wants you to take the energy created within the walls of Smokey Hollow and dig deep like nobody's watching.  No judgements; only love!  She will push you to work hard, make you laugh, and she will always be ready to celebrate your accomplishments!