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About us...

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Our culture is full of character and drive. We are hard working. We soak up life and spit it back out. We are bar-raising, goal seeking individuals. We are a fall down and pick ourselves back up kind of people. We are runners, teachers, carpenters, mothers and fathers, service providers and protectors... we are many people of many things. But, what we are most is a culture of positive motivation and support. We are a collection of individuals who thrive on pushing ourselves to be better everyday. We support, we motivate, and we create positive change in ourselves and those around us rather than waiting for it to happen.



How we create change...


Through CrossFit's constantly changing model of fitness, focused on functional movement, we move through various body weight and barbell movements daily.  Two days are rarely the same, though the foundation never changes.  We warm-up, progress through guided, small-group fitness movements, followed by a relatively high intensity workout... sometimes two.  All the while, we sweat, push, support and motivate ourselves to grow together. We use our knowledge, our experience, our motivation, and our drive to show you that CrossFit is not just a workout, it is a lifestyle.

About Smokey Hollow CrossFit



Smokey Hollow CrossFit was spawned out of a conglomerate of circumstances.  With a shared passion for fitness and a commitment to their local community, the founders were all grinding away in the CrossFit community when the idea began to take form.  Happenstance lead to a series of cascading concepts and plans, most of which were scratched, thrown out and reconfigured. Following a few trials and tribulations, what started as an underlying passion for fitness, a strong commitment to the CrossFit community and a drive to bring a powerful experience to their hometown, resulted in the development of Smokey Hollow CrossFit.


For those new to CrossFit, this sense of community lies directly at our core.  Mix in hard-working, goal-oriented people from all walks of life and you have the epicenter of all things Smokey Hollow CrossFit!











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Getting Here:

We've moved!  We are located at 19A East Genesee Street in the village of Baldwinsville.  Just past the village center, Baldwinsville's 4 Corners, find us in the Village Commons  directly behind Kinney Drugs.

Our Address:

19A East Genesee Street

Baldwinsville, NY 13027






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Not your average gym. Not your average workout.

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