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Education & Certifications

  • B.S. Sports Science Human Development & Physical Education

  • M.S. School Counseling

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified

  • CrossFit Judge Certified

  • National Member, American College of Sports Medicine

  • New York State Coaching License, NYSED

  • Habitual Care Certification, The Arc Commission 

  • CPR / AED / First Aid for Baby, Child, Adult Certification – American Red Cross Training Services

Why Coaching

Growing up I always knew that I loved competitive sports and fitness but I never really seemed to find that single skill set or activity that I was ever really good at. Because of this I jumped from sport to sport and noticed my lack of skills compared to my peers. I always seemed to be just behind the bunch which led me to become discouraged in all areas of my life and not just athletics. I was basic and boring.

Enter CrossFit into my life in 2014.  By the time my first class was complete I had drank the kool-aid and already made my own batch. CrossFit did more for me than just provide workouts. It improved ALL aspects of my life. There is simply no judgement in CrossFit. It’s the greatest support system you can ever imagine with the greatest of people. It’s tailored to everyone. Before long you notice how CrossFit is improving your performance at work, relationships with people, and how it gives you the greatest form of confidence each and everyday. 

I will never be basic and boring ever again and CrossFit has allowed for me to break out of my shell in so many ways.


I Bleed Orange, Enjoy movement activities in any form, Love Lululemon, Follow College & High School Athletics, Watch Survivor & The Office, Wander endlessly in random large cities as a form of travel, Play net sports & swim.

CHRIS "Dop" Dopkowski

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