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Festivus Games @ Smokey Hollow CrossFit

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Grab your besties and jump in the October 22nd 2022 Festivus Games!

Teams are either same-sex or mixed-sex pairs.

Since 2011

Festivus Games, since 2011, is a competition for "the rest of us" - for the 95% of athletes who aren't pure-Rx firebreathers. No athlete, whether six months in or brand new, will need to scale any of the events. The competition is about capacity more than a high degree of skill. Everyone can row…just how fast? Everyone can deadlift..just how much?

Since the first competition with about 70 athletes Festivus Games has grown to over 17,000 athletes a year!

When you compete in the Festivus Games you can expect to be challenged but you can also expect to have a lot of fun. When you see the WODs you'll finally be able to say "I can do that!" With your boxmates, you will sweat, laugh, cheer and compete.

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